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No mountain, nor sea, no thing of this world could keep us apart, because this is not my world………. You are.    


The Simply Ro Story.

Many years ago, I started dreaming about creating my lingerie line. No plans. No details. Just fantasies of beautiful designs, silky textures, and romantic silhouettes. However, like the carefully selected lace used in Simply Ro Lingerie, dreams are delicate. And this dream was quickly broken by insecurities, untold rejection, and a deeply bruised self-esteem.


The truth is, I was not ready. I had dreams of creating items that would wrap women in their most natural beauty, but I still needed to take my journey to self-love, self-worth, and unbreakable self-acceptance.


So, like every woman on a self-discovery trip, I traveled. I read. I shopped. I prayed and meditated and, the old wounds started to heal. I learned to truly love myself and so…. this is my LOVE letter to you!


It was time.

The hurtful words started to fall silent. There I was, wrapped in my feminine beauty.

Now, I was ready. Secured in my newfound womanhood, I returned to my dream of designing the lingerie line.


Simply Ro is a woman's adventure to love, joy, and romance. Be the princess at the ball; be whimsical and magical and full of fantasies; be confident and carefree and in the comfort of your skin.

Beauty is who you are, and no matter what, be simply beautiful in Simply Ro

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Is it night? Are we alone? It is I you hold, and who holds you; I sprung from the pages into your arms.              –Walt Whitman

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