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Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth – for your love is more delightful than wine. Take me away with you, let us hurry.    

– Songs of Songs

Hello Love!
Who is Simply Ro?

The confident, globe-trotting, fashion-forward woman with the red lips wasn't always as you see her today. My journey into fashion and self-discovery began as an awkward 80-pound Haitian girl in ruffles from head to toe, and yes, even shoulder pads! Trying to find my place socially in an old-school Haitian household within a foreign country is not easy. I mean, barrettes and ribbons in the 8th grade are difficult!


Likewise, trying to develop my Style within a body that would not develop seemed impossible -

I'm still waiting on those boobs I was promised.


But confidence, like a fragrant rose, takes time to blossom. And so did I. My experiences have grown into a career as a stylist, fashion blogger, and now designer. But, more importantly, my experiences have fashioned this awkward Haitian girl into a creator of love, joy, and romance that starts with self.


Loving the skin you're in - curvy, voluptuous, or slim - is why I design. I want every woman to slip into Simply Ro Lingerie and immediately feel at home.

Simply Ro


Luxury Materials.

Treat Yourself to incredibly lash materials that are unique and make you feel luxurious and rich.

Unique Shapes.

Simply Ro is a Perfect Fit for the curvy, voluptuous, and slim woman. Be beautiful for yourself first.

Hand Made in the US.

Quality and Style are possible because Simply Ro is handmade and produced locally.


Luxury is everything.

Life is short, so indulge every time you can in small luxuries. Be confident and be the best you can be in every moment of your presence.


From the garment's shape to the stitching to the materials used in the confection to the minor details, Simply Ro makes the experience incomparable. 

Our Shapes - Your Body.

No shapes go un-touched. At Simply Ro we want to make sure it doesn't matter how you are born.


We will be taking care of you, and the body-hugging lingerie will make you feel the best you can be.


Small Batched, Unique Quality.

Simply Ro is handmade because the attention to detail is unique. This is fundamental to the capsule line. The love that we put into making the pieces are reflected in the final product. 

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